What is TightsLoove?

TightsLoove is a platform for creators who want to sell their content or products to their fans. The focus of the site is on leg-related topics, especially tights, stockings, socks, leggings, shoes, feet, etc.. We attach great importance to the quality of the published content in terms of aesthetics and decency. Pure pornography, violence, obscenities, etc. are undesirable and not allowed.

What can I find on TightsLoove?

There is a lot to explore on TightsLoove. Besides the content of the different creators, the following functionalities are available:
  • Subscription system: for free or paid content such as photos or videos. The creator determines the price for weekly, monthly, 3-months, half-yearly or yearly subscription.
  • Donation system: Fans can also give donations (tips) to their favorite creator for their work and effort and thus support them without getting specific content or products in return.
  • Shop system: Creators can offer their products for sale to their fans. Whether physical products (eg: shoes, tights, leggings, socks, posters, shirts, mugs ...) or digital content (eg: images, photo sets, videos, etc.) and also individual packages (eg: wish images, wish videos, etc.).
  • Pay-Per-View: in addition to the subscription model, content or even messages can be posted by the creator for individual sale.
  • Private Messages: Fans and subscribers can send direct messages to their favorite Creator through the system and of course vice versa.
  • Referral system: Each Creator or Fan receives their own link, with which they can earn additional money as a referrer with their recruited referrals.
  • Wallet: The electronic wallet for the fan, which he can load at any time with any amount and receives so-called "Looves" in return. These "looves" can then be used for subscriptions, contributions, donations, PPV content, etc.
  • and much more ...
So there is a lot to discover for creators as well as for fans. Therefore our tip: register for free, and just have a look around ;)

What does the registration on TightsLoove cost?

Everyone can register for free on TightsLoove.

How can I register on TightsLoove?

You can either register with your email address and a password or with your Google account. Just click on "Don't have an account yet?". Please note that if you register via email address, the authenticity of this address has to be confirmed first.

How do I become a Creator?

You register for free on TightsLoove and create your personal profile. After that you will find a link called "Be a Creator!" by clicking on "Edit Profile". A verification is required to confirm your identity. In addition to your profile picture and cover picture we need your address, postal code and city as well as a photo ID. You can fill in all these data in the form and upload the corresponding ID pictures. It usually does not take very long until your account is verified and you can start posting your articles and earning money.

How much can I earn on TightsLoove?

Your earnings are solely up to you! We only offer you the opportunity to sell your content and products easy cheesy to your fans. So of course your earnings depend on the number of fans who subscribe to you, on the amount of products you sell and so on. But as a rule, the more followers and fans you have on various social media platforms and the better you promote your presence on TightsLoove and share your posts, the higher your income will be.

Who can see my content as a creator?

Who can see your content is entirely up to you. On the one hand, you have the option to publish locked content that only your subscribers can see or the users who have paid for it. But you can also share free and therefore public content, which is then visible to every registered user. So the decision of who can see your content is up to you.

What does TightsLoove earn from me as a creator?

For the operation of the system and the maintenance of the content TightsLoove currently retains a commission of 8% of the subscription or sales price. So as a creator you receive 92% of the prices you set.